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Speech Notes for ON Innovation/Disruption OFF

ON Innovation Notes

•Build a culture of Innovation

•Innovation is like baseball

•Experiment and be ok with failure

•Kill projects, not people

•Your wake is larger than you imagine

•Face your fears

•It's all about the team

•Fresh sources=fresh thinking

•Rock stars hang with rock stars

•Hire people who don't fit in

•Naysayers suck

•One person can make a difference

•Break the bozone layer

•Look beyond what's apparent

•Go with your gut

•There is more than one right answer

•Location=outside the building

•Staffing=you want debate

•Funding=at the top!

•Provide air cover

•Put your ideas to work.

Disruption OFF Notes

Forces of Disruption


•Big Data









•3D Printing

•AI is the new UI

•Own the edge

•OPA - Other People's Assets

•OPI - Other People's Information

•ONI - Outcomes not Iron

What to do about it

•Disruption and Innovation are two sides of the same coin

•Take the first risk

•Explore new business models

•Continuous Customer Feedback

•Make faster/better decisions

•Face your Fears

•You can change everything with one thing

•Don't Reinvent - Reimagine

•Change is inevitable - growth is optional

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