The Technological Disruption Going for Your Company and What To Do About It
Disruption OFF outlines key disruptive technologies
Big Data
and more!
How new technologies and business models are going to disrupt your company, how to stop it, and how to be the one disrupting next.

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Meet the Author

Terry Jones is a Digital Disruptor, an author and a venture capitalist. He has founded five startups, with two billion dollar IPOs, Kayak and Travelocity, and has served on seventeen corporate boards. His career path has established him as a thought leader on innovation and disruption in our increasingly digital world. As a speaker, author, venture capitalist and board member Terry has been helping companies use the tools and techniques he’s developed to keep up with this rapidly changing world.

Terry's first book, ON Innovation counters the management-book tradition in which empty slogans too often take the place of actual thinking, Jones returns our attention to hard won insights learned from creating multiple startups and working for some of corporate America’s best mentors, and he does so with a light hand and a wry sense of humor.

His second book, Disruption OFF  lets you in on Terry’s startup playbook so you can learn to stay as nimble as the 21st century requires. Any leader of a traditional company needs to read Disruption OFF to stay ahead in this rapidly changing world.

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Who should read Disruption OFF?

Business Leaders

Smart business leaders don't just see the changes coming; smart business leaders know how to use the waves of change to their advantage. It doesn't matter if you lead a team of 2, 10, or 10,000, Disruption OFF will help you analyze the forces at play within your industry and prepare your company to not just survive, but thrive. You won't just learn to protect your profits from disruption, you'll become the disruptor.


Starting a new venture can be a risky move, especially if you're attempting to stick to the status quo. Entrepreneurs who incorporate the lessons and mindset from Disruption OFF will build businesses that turn entire industries on their heads. You might not be the next Uber—you might be something even better.


While textbooks teach a great deal about what's been done, Disruption OFF prepares students to understand whats to come. Take your understanding of business to the next level and start to think like the biggest innovators of our time.

everyone else

Just because you're not running Google doesn't mean big changes in technology will leave you unaffected. Understanding the principles of Disruption OFF and the forces at play within your own life can protect your career, marriage, investments, health, and more. Disruption is coming and if you're prepared, it doesn't have to hurt.

Praise for Disruption OFF

  • “Terry Jones is that rare combination of been-there innovator and captivating storyteller. His challenge to us, that we shed our old skin in favor of innovative renewal should be gospel for the 21st century.” 
    Tom Wheeler
     Former FCC Chairman and Author of “From Gutenberg to Google: A History of our Future”
  • “I’ve known Terry as a speaker, chairman and advisor. Disruption OFF will allow you to benefit from Terry’s experience through many cycles of technological disruption and learn to adapt your business in a pragmatic and effective way."
    Jesus Mantas
    Chief Strategy Officer, IBM Consulting
  • “Having worked with Terry, I’ve experienced his unique ability to identify and adopt the technologies needed to disrupt businesses. The lessons introduced in Disruption OFF, will help teach you to go from disrupted to disruptor.”
    Thaddeus Arroyo
    CEO, ATT Business

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