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When Terry isn't on stage, he spends his time distilling what he's learned into high impact reading material for entrepreneurs, leaders, and anyone looking to turn Innovation ON and Disruption OFF.
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Turning ON Innovation in your culture, teams, and organization
Terry Jones’ book ON Innovation counters the management-book tradition in which empty slogans too often take the place of actual thinking, Jones returns our attention to hard won insights learned from creating 10 startups and working for some of corporate America’s best mentors, and he does so with a light hand and a wry sense of humor. You’ll come away from this book enriched, even if you just only dip into it in 10-minute snatches now and again.
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The Technological Disruption Coming For Your Company And What To Do About It
Worried your company won’t survive in the fast-changing, high-tech world? Discover innovative strategies to future-proof your profits.Do you worry young, cutting-edge companies will push you out of the market? Do you wish your organization was the one doing the disrupting? Terry Jones has battled the frontlines of business disruption. And now he’s here to share his hard-won wisdom and insider tips to give you an edge in an increasingly volatile market


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“This book is a great read for anyone seeking to stimulate and encourage innovation. Terry has woven together an interesting collection of real-world stories, personal experiences and practical observations that translate into guidance likely to encourage both individual and organizational creativity and alacrity.”
Robert Crandall
Former Chairman and CEO 
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“Taking innovation from the lab to the business is very hard work. Terry’s insightful and easy to read book has ideas that everyone can use tomorrow to light a fire und innovation in their company.”
Mark Pizzi
Former President and CEO 
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"Terry Jones is that rarest of business leaders: a mature entrepreneur and a pragmatic visionary. When he offers lessons on how to spark innovation, his guidance is deceptively simple and easy to digest - but steeped in the wisdom of one who has created real value and built enterprises that last."
Jon Iwata
Former SVP, Marketing & Communications
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