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Terry Jones



Keynote - The Business of Innovation

The business of innovation explains real world innovation. This is not an academic excercise
but a keynote filled with real world examples drawn from Terry's long experience with
innovation in companies large and small.

Terry will cover:

  • Where the best ideas originate in a company.
  • How to create a culture of innovation.
  • How to experiment and be ok with failure.
  • How to kill a project not a person.
  • How to fail fast and adapt.
  • How to play to your strengths.
  • How to build a 21st century team.
  • What are two pizza teams?
  • How to listen in a new way.
  • How to do more with less.
  • How to look beyond what is immediatly apparent.
  • Why there is more than one right answer.
  • How to review ideas effectively.
  • Can you go with your gut?
  • and much much more....

If the audience is composed of a large company (or companies) Terry will add
his section on "Innovation in a large corporation". Drawn from his experience
in building Travelocity.com inside American Airlines, Terry will cover:

  • Building a separate organization to keep the idea alive.
  • Providing effective air cover for a new idea.
  • Building the right team and mixing internal and external staff.
  • "Thinking outside the building" is moving out the right idea?
  • Funding to keep the vultures away.
  • If you can't have Venture Capitalists, how do you use their ideas?
  • "The spirit of small, the power of all" .

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